Monday, November 14, 2011

Math for Monday, November 14, 2011 (Afternoon)

  1. Today’s Lesson: Chapter 3, Lesson 2 - Classifying Figures (Pages 86-89)
  2. Learning Goals:
    • Figures can be identified, described, compared, and classified in different ways.
  3. Additional Resources:
    • A Math Dictionary for Kids: This is a great resource to learn about any math term, shape, etc.
    • How to Use a Venn Diagram
    • Terms you should know (check with the math dictionary above if you come across anything else you aren’t familiar with)
      • Regular Shapes: Polygons with all sides equal in length and all angles equal
      • Irregular Shapes: Any shape which is not regular
      • Triangle: A three sided shape
      • Quadrilateral: A four sided shape
      • Pentagon: A five sided shape
      • Hexagon: A six sided shape
      • Acute Angle: Angle less than 90º
      • Right Angle: Angle equal to 90º
      • Obtuse Angle: Angle between 90º and 180º
      • Reflex Angle: Angle between 180º and 360º
      • Parallel Sides: Lines that are the same distance apart (like straight railway tracks)
      • Equal Sides: Sides that are equal in length
  4. Classwork: Practice Questions 1-5
  5. Homework Book: Pages 36-37