Monday, November 7, 2011


The notes below are the ones we collaborated on during George Strombolopolous’s interview with Kermit the Frog.  It was a model that can help you improve your own interviews.  You received copies of your Interview with a Star, and tomorrow, we will use the rubric provided and some exemplars from Grade 6 students to self-evaluate our interviews.

Strong Interview Introductions

  • Showed a couple of clips of Kermit
  • Mentioned what he has been in.
  • Described Kermit before he entered the show
  • Strong intro will make the audience be more interested in learning about the guest

In my interview introduction

  • Acknowledge the crowd
  • Have the crowd involved
  • Greet the guest and ask how they are?
  • Make sure you give some background.



  • Asked lots of questions
  • Good questions that make you want to pay attention
  • Sometimes used sentences to start conversations rather than a direct question.
  • Asked about people things that were more broad (the audience would know about)
  • Some serious questions mixed in.
  • Acknowledge the crowd
  • Kept the conversation going by not giving one sentence answers.
  • Gave examples (anecdote) – short stories to illustrate his point
  • Used humour to engage the audience