Thursday, November 24, 2011

Language for Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bell Work:



Out of my Mind – Homework!

After reading the rest of chapter 13, rewrite the incident at the aquarium.  Write from a different perspective than Melody’s.  Consider writing from Rose’s or Mrs. Valencia’s point of view, or even Clair or Molly.  Write both the action and the thoughts that might go through your mind.  You may use BitStrips for School.  Be prepared to share Monday morning!


  • Rose visits the aquarium with Melody, her family, and Mrs. Valencia
  • They have a good time until running into Clair and Melody
  • Clair and Melody make fun of Rose for going with Melody to the aquarium
  • Mrs. V. calls them on it and reminds them that their braces will help them.
  • Rose returns to Melody and her family.