Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Language for Wednesday, November 23

Bell Work:

Revise the example below using the questions below to guide your writing.

  • Did I try to use words that sound “just right”?
  • Did I try hyphenating several shorter words to make an interesting-sounding new word?
  • Did I try putting words with the same sound together (slippery, super, sonic, etc.)
  • Did I read my piece aloud to find at least one or two moments that I love?

My little brother makes a bad sound when he eats bananas. I think it is bad that he chews with his mouth open, because you can see the bananas. No matter how much I tell him not to, he does it anyway.

TED6:  Ideas Worth Spreading

Yesterday we came up with some thoughts about what might make an idea worth spreading.

  • Have a point (don’t just say this is why)
  • Motivating
  • Personal (to presenter and audience)
  • Interesting
  • Can affect a lot of people
  • Something that comes from experience
  • Opportunity to make a personal choice
  • Important to the community or the world

Here are some ideas that we came up with that might be worth spreading.

  • Be an everyday superhero
  • Examine your food (take people through the ingredient list for a food item)
  • Think about how brand choice and marketing affects you and others
  • Conserve more energy
  • Make eco-friendly choices

In groups of 3 or 4, you looked at each other’s Prezis to see who had the best start to “What is a good idea?”  Today I would like you to continue to work in groups together to improve your presentations so that on Thursday we can see several versions of what makes a good idea.  Start with the best presentation from among your group, and build on it.  Consider:

  • how are you explaining what makes a good idea?
  • are you using examples to illustrate your point?
  • does your presentation contain the points we developed above (ideas worth spreading)?
  • does your presentation contain more points or examples than the ones we came up with as a group?
  • is your presentation visually engaging (colour, movement, fonts, frames, path, orientation/angle of text)?
  • have you added images to support your thoughts?

Be ready to share (as a group) your work on Thursday.


I have added new spelling lists for each group on Spelling City.  I have also added a geometry spelling list for everyone.  These spelling lists are due December 2.  Remember to click on the My Teacher’s Page and scroll down to look at the Vocabulary and Spelling Lists.


Out of my Mind

After reading the rest of chapter 13, rewrite the incident at the aquarium.  Write from a different perspective than Melody’s.  Consider writing from Rose’s or Mrs. Valencia’s point of view, or even Clair or Molly.  Write both the action and the thoughts that might go through your mind.