Thursday, January 19, 2012

Math for Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please continue your work from yesterday.  Finish questions 1 – 7 on pages 188 and 189.  If you finish, please go to the Show What You Know on Pages 200-201 and work on questions 1 – 6.  If, by some chance, you manage to finish all of this, then you can play some of the games below.

We will have a data management test next week on Wednesday.

  1. Yesterday’s Lesson: Chapter 5, Lesson 5 – Graphing on a Coordinate Grid(Pages 186-189)

  2. Learning Goals:

    • Ordered pairs are used to plot or locate points on  a coordinate grid.

    • In an ordered pair, the first number tells the horizontal distance from the origin; the second number tells the vertical distance from the origin.

  3. Additional Resources:

  4. Classwork:  Practice Questions 1-3

  5. Homework Book:  Pages 74-75