Thursday, January 26, 2012

Language for Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bell Work:  Are you afraid of the dark?

Rules and Examples for Writing Dialogue

Upload your photos for media literacy.

  • Two pictures – aggressive/confrontational/tough and engaging/conversational
  • Two more pictures – cropped and full size
  • Drop it to me –  (password – scottsteph)

Reading:  What is true?

  • Finish filling out your Web Site Evaluation form for each of the sources about your topic.
  • Also fill out one Validity scale for each page explaining whether or not you think the site is useful.
  • These are DUE tomorrow (Friday, January 27)

If you are finished…

  • Brainstorm a topic for your next piece of writing.
  • You must choose an inanimate object (like a pen, pair of shoes, or a Blackberry) or an animal as a main character.
  • You must place them in a situation with someone famous who received credit for something (i.e. like Hayley Wickenheiser’s hockey stick or skates)
  • You might need to do a little reading on famous people