Monday, January 9, 2012

Guiding Ideas for your Secret Knowledge Paragraphs

I’ll use the example of the rule that we looked at today, Don’t bite your fingernails!

First Paragraph
Should contain a brief explanation of your rule.
Because the fingernail bits will grow into fingers.
Second Paragraph
Explains what happens.
The process of how finger nails grow into fingers is explained.
Third Paragraph
Explains the consequences of what happens.
The author described the problems that these wayward fingers caused around the home.
Forth Paragraph
Restate the rule and explain why to follow.
The author tells you not to bite your nails, but if you do, send the bits to an accordion factory where they can be put to work.

This would be a level three example.  To go for a level four, you would need to extend the details like the author does when he talks about how these individual fingers form gangs and then describes what the gangs do.