Thursday, December 1, 2011

Language for Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bell Work

Rewrite the examples correctly below on paper so that you can use the document camera to share them.

  • some insects travel south in winter monarch butterflys will go 4000 km for warmth they now exactly when to turn around and hed north agin
  • don’t open the gate mr rogers dogs will get out and run away

Out of My Mind

I would like a few (3 – 5) volunteers to share their blog responses to yesterday’s reading.  You were asked:

Imagine that you were in Melody’s position (i.e. couldn’t speak or use sign language) and you received a computer that allowed you to talk. What is the first paragraph that you would write to your parents? What is the first paragraph that you would write to your classmates?

Spelling City

Many of you are not yet complete the two lists that are due on Friday! 

Many of you will also recall that this was discussed during your parent-teacher interview.  There are two reasons to be working on this task:

  1. It will help improve your spelling – if you actually do the practice and complete the activities to build your vocabulary.  If you don’t work at it, there’s no improvement.
  2. It shows that you can take initiative and be responsible for your own learning.  You’ve had two weeks to get to it!