Friday, December 9, 2011

Language for Friday, December 9, 2011

Bell Work

New challenge:  EACH student who manages to match or exceed my typing speed of 64 WPM (with 2 or fewer errors) will get lunch.  If we can get the class average up to 40 WPM, we will have some kind of celebration (not sure what yet – but I’m open to suggestions)

Please ensure that you have the final draft of your TED Talk shared with me in Google Docs or that you have handed in a paper copy.


From Our Homes To Theirs – Responding To Attawapiskat

Grammar Feature: 5 Ws (interrogatives)
In newspaper articles, 5 main questions often are answered: who, what, when, why, where.  How is also a common question/answer.
Read this article carefully and fill in the 5 Ws (and an H) for this article.

Who: _____________________________________________

What: _____________________________________________

When: _____________________________________________

Why: _____________________________________________

Where: _____________________________________________

How: _____________________________________________


Use the Talking Back blog to share what you learned last night about Attawapiskat, how you feel about it, or what you think can be done about it.  Each person should write one new post and respond to at least 3 other people’s posts.

Read Aloud:  Out of my Mind