Thursday, December 8, 2011

Language for Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bell Work:  Rewrite the example below.  Use specific and accurate words to show your reader exactly what you’re talking about  (Use an online dictionary if you need to) .  Try to:

  • help your reader see a picture in their head by using nouns and modifiers.
  • avoid words that might confuse the reader
  • try new words – but make sure you use them correctly
  • make sure you have used the best words that you can

My best friend is so nice.  She’s funny.  She’s really funny when we go to the mall and hang out together.  We like to do fun things that make us laugh a lot.  When we go out to eat we always order good things.


Attawapiskat:  Canada’s “Fourth-World” Community

Writing:  Mind Mapping – What to do about Attawapiskat (Prezi)

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