Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Language for Tuesday, September 13, 2011

  1. Bellwork:  Revising for Voice
    We will share a few of these using the document camera.
  2. Work on the final draft of your personal introduction.  It is due tomorrow and should be ready to be shared.
  3. If you have finished your final draft (good copy) and checked it over for every single error you can find and it looks beautiful, you can:
    1. Read a personal novel or one of mine from the back.
    2. Work on your “Embarrassing Moment” narrative.
      Task:  Everyone has been embarrassed in life. Write about a time you were really embarrassed about something that really happened to you. Use specific details as you draft and revise, and help your reader understand how you really felt throughout the piece of writing, not just when you were embarrassed. Start your writing with the best lead you can!
      1. If you have completed the organizer that was given to you in class yesterday, you can get another sheet for the rough draft of your embarrassing moment at the front of the class.  It has a checklist of things to make sure you include in your work.