Monday, October 17, 2011

Math Tests

The first math test for unit 2 went home today.  You may find that it is scored a little differently.  I have tried to score the students using a rubric that reflects their progress along a continuum instead of just converting a raw score into a percent and into a grade.  I think that this is more accurate, in that it eliminates wild changes in marks because a student do well on a certain section of the test.  It also eliminates un-realistically high marks (i.e. students who get perfect on topics like knowing how to use place value properly may be level 4 students, but aren’t necessarily perfect).  Taken together with marks for questions assigned in class and projects, I believe that they will accurately reflect each child’s progress. 

At the back of the test you will see a rubric with levels in Knowledge and Understanding, Thinking, Application, and Communication.  Each area is scored based on the student’s achievement on the corresponding section of the test and there is an overall level. 

Levels roughly correspond with the following marks.
Level Percent Score Letter Grade
4+ 90% and higher A+
4 80 – 89% A
3 70 – 79 % B
2 60 – 69% C
1 50 – 59% D
R Below 50% R

Please ensure that you sign your child’s math test indicating that you have seen it.  If you or your child have any questions about the test, I encourage you to have them ask me directly, because I think that is a good skill for students to develop, and I think I’m open to listening to their concerns and taking the time to explain.  You are also welcome to contact me.

We will have a second math test with and emphasis on Lessons 2.7 through 2.11 (Order of Operations – Division), next Wednesday, October 26.