Monday, October 17, 2011

Language for Monday, October 17, 2011

  1. Bell Work:  Our focus for the next little while will be narrowing the focus of your writing.  This can apply to whole stories or essays as well as paragraphs.  When you complete the examples in class, think of the questions below:
    • ◦Have I chosen a topic that I really like?
    • ◦Do I have something new to say about this topic?
    • ◦Am I writing about what I know and care about?
    • ◦Have I gathered enough information so that I’m ready to write?
  2. Please hand in your Unlikely Diary Keepers projects.  Mark the four dates you would like me to pay attention to by circling/highlighting/starring the date.
  3. DRA – There are 5 students who need to complete the written portion of their DRA.  Please complete this now.
  4. Reading Strategies:  Determining Importance
    • Climate Change
    • You will be placed in groups and each given 3 sticky notes.
    • We will read a non-fiction text about chocolate.
    • You will use the sticky notes to mark the most important ideas about the article.
    • You will discuss your choices in your group.
  5. Time for reading your book or working on your book report.